Best Protection Dogs For Sale in USA

We feel so strongly that we have the best personal protection dogs for sale in the world. We take the time to compete each year at national and world level. Our dogs are the only American Bred dogs to compete and win a world championship (we didn't think that once was enough, so we did it twice).

We invite you to take a look at our dogs, our accomplishments, and see for yourself why we don't claim that we are the best, we prove it!

Please take a look at our Premier Protection Dogs for sale. Take a look at what the competition has available (and sold)

. Then call us and see how we can help you get your family's new best friend and premier protection dog.

Family and home protection is a natural instinct that all dogs have. The most important aspect of training is to use the dog's instinct to properly train it to behave well even while protecting the home or the family.

We specialize in the finest quality executive personal protection dogs. Our dogs are imported from Europe (Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands). Our trainers personally check and test every dog that is considered for our program. Only the dogs that have been determined to possess the correct temperament and stature to be successful personal protection canines will be imported to our facility to begin their training.

Our expertly trained dogs are not Schutzhund Sleeve, prey happy, out of control, or equipment oriented animals. They are highly trained using real life scenarios so that they are best able to defend you and your family in any situation that may arise.

A social and professionally trained protection dog may keep you and your family safe.A true protection dog is bred, selected, raised and trained to provide companionship & protection. A professionally trained dog from Ultimate Protection Dogs can be an alarm, deterrent, defender and companion all at once. It will be loving, obedient, well behaved, easy to handle and ready to defend you and yours should the need arise.

By custom selecting a personal protection dog for you this ensures each and every dog we sell is highly skilled, and prepared to defend their owners from harm. Training for your protection dog will include (but not limited to) bark on command as a deterrent, defend you in any situation by biting and holding an attacker, and releasing the bite immediately on command, and an aggressive escape. Your dog can be trained to respond to your commands in other languages. We teach commands in English, French or German.

A trained dog will protect your house or business with a determination that no human guard can ever equal.

 testimonail image , highly trained people are giving professional training
"The owner of a professionally trained personal protection dog not only has a loyal and completely obedient companion but that same lovable pet who plays with the children and lies peacefully at your feet, will at a single command, become a totally protective man-stopper, willing to put himself between its family and the threat. A potential attacker would think twice before tackling such an opponent."